Bone Health and Blood Sugar

blood sugar supplements

How do blood sugar supplements work?

An imbalance in the body’s blood sugar levels can cause complications, so there are supplements (and recommended diet) designed to prevent an imbalance. People who may be genetically susceptible to diabetes should be extra careful.

What vitamins are good for bone health?

Calcium and Vitamin D are the key nutrients needed for maintaining one’s bone health. They are supported by magnesium and Vitamin K2, both of which assist in promoting bone health.

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Below are Vitakem’s products in this category. We can also discuss custom formulation.

ALA ALC 750mg ALA 300mg
Blood Sugar Support Bone Health
Calcium 250 with Vitamin D Calcium 500mg with Vitamin D
Calcium 650mg with Vitamin D2 Calcium Pyruvate 750mg
Calcium Magnesium Calcium Complex with Vitamins A and D2
Chromium Picolinate Coral Calcium 1000mg
CS GS MSM Complex Glucosamine 500mg
Joint Complex Pack Joint Matrix
Magnesium 500mg Super Calcium Magnesium