Product Protection For Consumer Safety

Supplement and pharmaceutical packaging can cover a number of methods, although there are several key points that should always be kept in mind. This can be especially true for substances that may be reactive to different materials, so finding the proper format for conveyance and distribution is always essential to viability. Powdered supplement can be especially sensitive to different environments, so efforts to combat degradation are a factor in packaging.

stand up.jpg_200x200While different supplement have a range of factors which may influence them, some of the most common include:

  • Heat
  • Moisture
  • Degradation through contact with packaging materials
  • Oxidation
  • Spoilage after opening the package

Finding the right medium for transport will require that these factors are attended to, but also that the methods are versatile enough to be cost effective.

Many companies will utilize stand up zip lock foil bags as an option, as these are easy to store and offer immediate protection of the contents through a vacuum seal, as well as repeated usability of the product through the zip lock closure. Stand up zip lock foil bags also have the added benefit of offering a non-reactive surface with the mylar foil, so that anything from acid to alkaline supplements can remain viable.

While this style of packaging is popular for bulk powdered supplements, they also offer consumer convenience in terms of dosage. This is often employed in the distribution of pills and capsules, which can come in pre-measured to ensure consumer safety. This aspect allows for easy transportation that also maintains the proper environment for the supplement to stay viable.

The stand up zip lock foil bags are easily filled and sealed. The quality materials also protect the contents from light spoilage, since the opaque packaging reflects light and heat, to provide insulation with a minimal amount of bulk. This storage and shipping method is highly efficient, and allows consumers to purchase both bulk and dosage packs for their own safety and convenience.