Probiotics And Prebiotics

Difference Between Probiotics And Prebiotics

difference between probiotics and prebioticsIt may make you feel a bit uncomfortable to learn that you are covered in bacteria right now. In fact, you are covered in bacteria on the inside of your body as well as the outside of your body. But this is not really a bad thing. There are a lot of “good” bacteria that help us live long, happy and healthy lives. Much of this “good” bacteria live inside of you, inside your digestive system.

This good bacteria helps you to digest your food properly. It is actually essential to a healthy digestive tract and you will feel sick if this bacteria is low. You will experience irregularity, constipation or diarrhea without an abundance of this good bacteria. This bacteria is eradicated when you take antibiotics, so it is vital to restore this healthy bacteria as soon as it is depleted. There are two supplements that can help you to do this. They sound similar, but provide for different functions.


You’ve probably heard this term before. Probiotics are actually living cultures that can be found in a lot of foods, most notably yogurt. These are the living, breathing good bacteria that will help your digestive system achieve balance. But this bacteria can be killed with heat or even stomach acid.


Pre-biotics are actually more effective than probiotics. While probiotics are the living, breathing bacteria, pre-biotics are a specialized fiber. This fiber provides the optimal conditions inside your digestive tract for the growth and health of the good bacteria. Unlike probiotics, pre-biotics cannot be easily destroyed with heat or stomach acid. Therefore, it is more effective for digestive health because it allows your body to regrow the bacteria that it needs without the risk of losing efficacy. Let your body grow its own bacteria by taking the more reliable prebiotic supplements.