Probiotic Manufacturing and the Testing Process

Probiotic Manufacturing and the Testing ProcessProbiotics are popular ingredients in the supplement world, so if you are looking to create your own and profit off this helpful supplement that people want, then you need a high-quality and dependable probiotic manufacturer on your side.

In what form do you want to create your probiotics? Chewable tablets, capsules, or powders are marketable to consumers that are looking to improve their digestive health and increase their immunity levels.

The Production Process

Expert knowledge is needed when creating probiotics. From strain selection to the packaging of the final productseveral smaller details have to be considered along the way. Fermentation is the beginning of the process. Bacteria are grown and then improved upon throughout the process.

Strain selection is the next step in the process, and this step requires extensive research to be sure to find the best combination of strains possible. Three to ten different strains are often selected, and then the compatibility of these strains is tested. They also need to be screened to see how muchif anyresistance is involved when antibiotics are also introduced.

Next, the probiotics are blended, and this step needs to be performed under controlled conditions with climate control in a sanitary production room. Food safety management for these steps is of the utmost importance when creating probiotic supplements for consumers.

The Testing Process

Once the formulation has been produced, it needs to be tested for real-time stability before it can be offered to consumers. Formulation specific experiments are conducted to test the inhibition of pathogens and the permeability of the intestinal barrier function. All of this is then tested on effectiveness, and the quality of the probiotics overall is assessed before the product goes through to the packaging phase of production.

Packaging Your Probiotic

Packaging your probiotic is the last step of the process. This is where the finished product is ready to market to your consumers after it has passed the rigorous testing phase of production. When storing the product, it needs to be at room temperature, and the average shelf life of probiotics is generally one to three years.

You can choose your label and market your product under your own brand. Many businesses also often rely on the storage services of their supplement manufacturers. Having all the operations completed in one location is easiest and keeps the entire process more streamlined this is especially helpful for up and coming new businesses.