Outlook Great For Supplements Business

Private Labeling Supplements
Nutritional supplements are a booming business.  The steady rise in prescription drug prices is inspiring people to find other ways to stay healthy, and studies that show the benefits of good nutrition and solid supplements set the industry apart from less trustworthy alternatives.  After all, while supplements don’t cure serious diseases, a healthy diet combined with the right supplements can do a lot to keep serious disease at bay.

Because supplements don’t come with the risks or the prices of prescriptions, the industry has much less regulation and many more opportunities for small businesses and budding entrepreneurs to enter a growing market. But the equipment and training needed to create supplement formulas and pill manufacturing is expensive, and that’s where Vitakem comes in.

At Vitakem, we offer our services and resources to help small businesses worldwide create private labeling supplements, giving them a chance to expand their business into new territory.

You Could Use A Private Label

There are a lot of small and medium-sized businesses out there that deal with industries related to nutritional supplements.  This includes anything to do with health, beauty, or fitness, such as day spas, massage parlors, hair salons, fitness gyms, and chiropractic clinics.  Local groceries and drug stores can also sell private labeling supplements without them appearing out of place.

All these places can also sell supplements made by other manufacturers or private labels, but there are a few benefits to creating your own private line.  For one thing, getting your pills direct from the manufacturing plant means fewer people in the middle and more profits for your business.  Supplements also help you strengthen your brand by putting your company logo on products your customers can take home.  Finally, supplements can also expand your reach since you can ship them across the country or even overseas.

Make Your Private Label Yours

At Vitakem, we pride ourselves on our ability to give our customers exactly as much control over the labeling and manufacturing process as they want.  If you’re starting with nothing but a product name, you can pick one of our stock supplements and we’ll handle everything else.  All you’ll need to do is give your final approval to the designs we come up with for your private labeling supplements.

On the other hand, if you’d rather take control of everything except the manufacturing, we can do that too.  If you have a formula in mind, you can work with our chemists to create a safe supplement that meets FDA regulations and conforms to their Current Good Manufacturing Practices.  If you have a company logo already or if you have a complete design ready to go for the package, we can see how it fits on the final product and make sure it carries the right FDA labels.

Start Local, Think Global

The same shipping infrastructure that lets us deliver private labeling supplements to clients worldwide also lets us help you reach a global audience.  You can stock your shelves with bottles of vitamin pills or jars of nutritional gummies, but that doesn’t have to be the start and end of it.

Vitakem has a standing partnership with Amazon that lets us store your supplements in their warehouses, giving your products the important “fulfilled by Amazon” shipping promise on their website.  We can also offer our own space through our drop shipping program:  by paying us a monthly fee, we’ll handle your shipping orders on a day-to-day basis, packaging your supplements and sending them directly to your customers once you send us your order forms.

We can also send your products to more than just American addresses.  Not only do we follow FDA regulations and GMP, we also keep up with regulations in the Eurozone and other international markets.  In the supplement industry, the “Made in the U.S.A.” stamp is a guarantee of quality all on its own, and having that on your private label bottles is well worth the extra cost of international shipping and importing.

Herbal and nutritional supplements are a big business, and it keeps getting bigger with time.  So if you think private labeling supplements could improve your company’s bottom line, or if you think it’s an interesting market for a new business, you can contact Vitakem to create anything from a vegan protein powder to a gummi herbal supplement for kids.