Private Label Vitamins
Between the price of modern medicine and the longer lives that everyone is enjoying, Americans spend a lot of time thinking about their health.  Whether they have a chronic condition that doctors only recently recognized or they just have some weight they want to lose, just about every person from every walk of life spends part of their day worrying about their health.

But because of those rising health care costs, more and more Americans are turning to cheaper alternatives, such as nutrition and vitamin supplements.  Supplements can have real health benefits, and they aren’t as regulated as prescription drugs because they don’t carry the same risks.  As a result, the nutrition supplement business has been growing fast for over a decade, and right now you can partner with Vitakem to take advantage of this opportunity and create your own line of private label vitamins.

Supplement Your Business With Vitamins

The growing supplement business has brought with it growing concern from the FDA, and so recently they’ve created and enacted new rules and guidelines.  But even now, supplements aren’t as regulated as prescription drugs and you can find them on the shelves of convenience stores, fitness gyms, hair salons, spas, and other businesses connected to health and beauty.

Businesses like these are in the perfect position to sell their own private label vitamins.  There are plenty of standardized supplement formulas out there and manufacturing costs are relatively low, and so when you contract your private label with Vitakem you can enhance your bottom line while growing your brand by selling your own line of supplements rather than stocking a national brand.  And since we follow all the FDA’s good manufacturing practices (GMP), you won’t have to worry about them on your end and can concentrate on marketing and improving your other services.

Take Complete Control Of Your Supplements

At Vitakem, we offer a range of services so that you can put as much thought and effort into your private label vitamins as you want.  We know that different clients have different expectations and have different amounts of time and money available to create a supplement line, and so our customizable process always gives you the final say.

If you have a specific supplement formula in mind, we can manufacture it and turn it into tablets, capsules, powders, gummies, and more, then package it in blister packs, bottles, or jars.  You can design your own label and we’ll check to make sure it follows FDA regulations before adding it to the packaging.  We’ll then send your new private label vitamins to your home, shop, or warehouse.

On the other hand, you can also pick one of our existing formulas to manufacture, and for an added fee we can design a label for you and send you the proofs so you get final approval.  If you have a business logo, we can add it to the label for you.

Expand Your Reach

Something else Vitakem can help with is shipping and distribution.  If your business is online or you want to expand onto the internet, we can make reaching your customers easy.  Our drop shipping program lets you put us in charge of packaging and shipping your orders as they come, and we can send your orders directly to the customers.  We also have a standing partnership with Amazon and we can arrange for them to hold your private label vitamins in their warehouses and list them on their website.

If you want to reach an international customer base or if your business is outside the United States, Vitakem can still be your supplement manufacturing partner.  We know that the “Made in the U.S.A.” label carries a lot of weight, especially when it comes to vitamin supplements, and along with the FDA GMP we also keep track of the supplement regulations in the EU and other nations.  We can make the importing and exporting process as painless as possible, making Vitakem a valuable partner even for our overseas clients.

Because of the growing market, now is a great time to sell herbal, vitamin, and nutritional supplements, and when you make Vitakem your manufacturing partner you’ll get a reasonable price and exactly as much help as you need to create your own line of private label vitamins.  With options ranging from herbal gummies to kosher protein powder, we can handle your business needs no matter how big or how obscure they might be.