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Private Label Vitamin ManufacturersMedication costs have only been going up in recent years. Partly that’s thanks to the extreme prices of new medications, but existing drugs and even generics have been raising their prices, too. Health insurance policies can only cover so much, and so more and more Americans are looking for other ways to stay healthy and keep their chronic health conditions under control.

That’s where vitamin supplements enter the pictures. Since they have few to no side effects, vitamins and other nutrition supplements are much less regulated than prescription drugs and haven’t been a part of their price inflation. Using supplements has proven benefits, and while they don’t cure diseases directly (aside from vitamin deficiencies) they’re great for preventative care and keeping the body healthy. In fact, the supplement industry is so decentralized that many businesses offer their supplements under their own labels. That’s where private label vitamin manufacturers come into play.

Supplement Business Sense

Nutritional supplements don’t cost much to make, and anyone can sell them so long as they can prove to the FDA that your supplements use a reasonable formula and were made and packaged under safe conditions. They also make sense to sell in any number of businesses connected to health, food, and beauty: spa centers, hair salons, fitness gyms, and local grocery stores can all put supplements near the front counter, and by offering a private label you enhance your brand identity while cutting out the middleman.

However, supplement manufacturing demands a lot of capital investment, so you’d have to either go all-in and become a supplement seller or you’d have to forget about putting your own private label formulas on the shelves in your waiting area. Fortunately, Vitakem is here to help.

Vitakem is one of several private label vitamin manufacturers, and we offer our services to small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to enhance their brand by selling supplements. We have the equipment to make millions of pills, tablets, and other supplement products every year, our facility is fully compliant with the FDA’s good manufacturing processes, and we can make whatever you’re looking for to order.

Personalize Your Private Label

The point of a private-label supplement is both to turn a larger profit and to grow or enhance your brand. To do that you’ll need a good-looking label, plus you’ll need supplement formulas that make sense for your business. A salon that styles hair and offers manicures should offer formulas that promote hair care and good skin, but a fitness gym would be better off providing jars of protein mixes and supplements that improve the body’s recovery time.

Still, no matter what your business is, the advantage of choosing Vitakem over other private label vitamin manufacturers is the fact that you can get as much or as little help as you want during the design process. If your label is fully designed and ready to go, we’ll let you see how it looks on the bottle, box, or other container of choice and make sure the labeling is FDA compliant. If you only have your company logo or if you’re starting from scratch, you can hire our graphic designers to come up ideas for your design.

Expand Into New Territory

Not only do we offer customization at Vitakem, we also offer worldwide access. Our facility not only complies with FDA regulations, we also abide by regulations in other nations and economic zones like the European Union. The products of private label vitamin manufacturers can go for a good price overseas, and the “Made in the U.S.A.” label can get you a good price if you import your supplements from us.

We also offer convenient shipping options to fit your needs. We can ship your order directly to you, or you can join our drop shipping program and send us a list of your individual orders so we can fulfill them. Or you can take advantage of our Amazon partnership and store your products in their warehouses as you list them on their website.

If you want to expand your business or try your hand at starting your own company, you should consider partnering with private label vitamin manufacturers to create your own line of supplements. With the growing market for supplements and help from Vitakem, you won’t find it hard to sell a small order quickly and you can start selling your next batch online.

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