Precise Product Protection

Supplement Packaging

Single dosage pouches and sachets can provide clients with an accurate way to monitor supplementation and the ingestion of prescribed medications. This medium for transport and distribution also gives the benefit that products can be offered in the most bio-available forms.

13-pouch-sachetWhile pills and capsules are a fast and effective delivery system, they do require extra energy to be exerted within the body in order for the supplement or medication to be absorbed into the blood stream. This can sometime alter the actual dosage that is absorbed, versus the dosage that is actually ingested. Some medications and supplements are more active in powder of liquid form, since this promotes absorption without the activation of digestive function.

From a physiological standpoint, liquid and powder forms can give better therapy and ensure that the full required amount is immediately available to the body. For single internal dosages, pouch and sachet filling can accurately measure the supplement into a sturdy and protective casing that also ensures vacuum protection and ease of use.

Pouch and sachet filling can also be utilized with other conveyance modes for supplements and medications. Topical creams and gels become easy for consumers to dispense in the right amount, so that the dermal absorption is also accurate. Since the packets are constructed from non-reactive mylar, they can accommodate a number of contents, including lipids, acids, and other compounds that could be compromised by inadequate packing material.

Along with the vacuum freshness that is afforded through pouch and sachet filling, accuracy of dosage can also extend to supplement combinations. Many suppliers will offer combination supplements for a number of therapeutic and supportive purposes, and including all the capsules in a single dosage container lets consumers stick to protocols for taking these pills. The high applicability and customer convenience of this packaging can make pouch and sachet filling a cost-effective delivery mode for a number of supplemental and pharmaceutical substances.