Prebiotics Help You To Digest Better

Benefits Of Prebiotics

There are many different microorganisms that help the gut to digest, break down, and absorb food at its best. While many are aware of the benefits of probiotics, the benefits of prebiotics are lesser known yet equally as important. Prebiotics are indigestible particles that help to stimulate, nurture, and grow these microorganisms, keeping them healthy and working for the body as they should in digesting and getting the most out of nutrient-rich food.

Probiotic supplementsHumans have been ingesting prebiotic rich foods for many centuries, and archaeological evidence has been found showing that Native American people were ingesting agave, wild onion, and other naturally-occurring prebiotic rich foods to help their bodies to work their best using the natural resources available to them. Similar evidence has been found all over the world, and some suggest that the intentional eating of these prebiotic rich fibers dates back to as far as 30,000 years.

Digestion plays a key role in helping the body to get all it needs from the food it eats, and the flora, or microorganisms, that are located within the gut and intestinal tracks provide a great deal to an overall healthy digestive system. Without this micro flora a person can expect to experience a myriad of different types of stomach upset, as their bodies are not breaking down and using the foods being put into them properly, making it no wonder why these microorganisms should be cared for the best they can.

While diets rich in prebiotics may not be popular today, this does not mean a person should allow their micro flora to suffer. Prebiotic supplements are available to those who may not have a diet rich in these indigestible fibers, and they can help the body to keep its digestive systems running just as optimally as those found naturally.