Pouch Packaging

Package Your Supplements Right

Vitakem pouch packaging is an essential part of our range of packaging systems. There are certain products that need pouch packaging. However, low-grade packaging can compromise your product. Our high quality pouch packaging is the right solution for your product packaging needs. Using our standard pouch packaging techniques, you have 100% assurance that your nutraceutical products remain safe and tamper proof. This, in turn, keeps your sensitive products protected from moisture. The best thing about Vitakem’s pouch packaging techniques is that our packaging designers play a compelling role in designing attractive pouches. This helps attract customer attention when your products show up on the store shelves.

Besides, pouches are also the smart choice for fragile products that are susceptible to breaking. The packaging helps protect your products from potential damage caused by rough handling. What’s more, these pouches are also essential means of protecting your product from mold, bacteria, and contamination.

Private Label Products

We, at Vitakem, offer airtight packaging solutions for manufacturers and retailers. If you decide to go with pouch packaging, it would be a smart choice if you go for transparent pouch packaging instead going the opaque way. This allows your customers to see the quantity and type of product they get when purchasing your product. On the other hand, if you want pouch packaging that promotes your company’s concept, then opaque packaging is still a good option. Our experienced package designers can give you the optimal solution for designer pouch packages that will enhance the look and appeal of your products.

At Vitakem, apart from our regular pouch packaging, we also offer plastic pouch packaging, easy open pouch packaging and even re-sealable plastic pouch packaging. These different kinds of packaging options can hold capsules, tablets, and powders, free of moisture and other microbial activity.

Vitakem Solutions for Reliable Plastic Pouch Packaging

When you think of working with Vitakem, you will have the services of a professional pouch packaging company ready to offer you streamlined services along with optimal turnaround time. Our flexible pouch packaging solutions work with any product type. You don’t need to worry about the design since our qualified packaging designers can give you custom packaging solutions.

You can send your requirements to us online in just minutes. We, at Vitakem, are experienced professionals. We know exactly how you can send your requirements to us and get your order started immediately.

Our hassle free online ordering system is simple and straight. There are no lengthy procedures to follow. Because, we, at Vitakem, we completely understand that you, as a business owner, have a busy business schedule. You cannot afford to waste your time with confusing order processes.

If you have any questions about pouch packaging needs, you can always get in touch with our experienced customer service representatives to get answers. For additional information on plastic pouch packaging, Request A Quote or you can place a call at (800) 233-2112

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