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Custom Herbal Supplements

“The formula for success starts with a good formulation.”

This may sound self-evident, but it can’t be said enough.

Sure you need good marketing materials and distribution channels. But first you need a good formulation.

Because good herbal formulations lead to satisfied customers. And the most precious business asset you can have is a bunch of satisfied customers who will continue to come back to you and refer you to new customers.
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As any good marketer knows, the real money is in the return customers.

For that reason, developing your product is an important step in your business. And your manufacturer can play a significant role in this.

Your manufacturer has . . .

  1. The expertise to turn a concept into a real live product. It’s one thing to like the idea of a healthy energy drink. It’s another to turn it into an effective and safe formula that’s easy to take, pleasant to look at . . . and even tasty.
  2. The understanding of the market to help you tweak your initial concept. We work with hundreds of companies, scour the trade magazines and are constantly on the lookout for emerging trends as well as rock solid oldies but goodies. We can help you analyze your market and tailor your product accordingly.

A good manufacturer comes with a good formulation team who can help you start off on the right foot as you enter the market. And help you tweak and refine your product as you grow.

In addition to the two qualities mentioned above, our team, headed by a chemist with a Ph D in organic chemistry, brings these other factors into developing a good recipe for your herbal product.

  • We help you avoid costly and time-consuming legal problems by giving solid advice on proprietary ingredients, trademarks and other legal issues linked to formulation.

If you’d like to model your product on another company’s top-selling product, our chemist can work with you to adjust the formulation appropriately. He’ll make it uniquely yours, yet still performing as well as – if not better than – the prototype.

  • If you already have a formulation, we’ll go into the finer details with you. We’ll work with our suppliers to incorporate the highest quality ingredients available within your budget in order to optimize your formula.

With over 3000 ingredients in stock, many formulations can be put quickly into production. If we don’t have your ingredient on hand, our network of suppliers will help us secure it in a timely manner.

  • And with our full array of delivery systems, you can design your product the way you want down the last detail.

But before you jump into developing an herbal formulation, there are a few considerations we suggest you think about first . . .

The Costs Of Copying Herbal Formulations

Many a time, we have customers bring us an existing product sold by another company and ask us to copy it.

First of all, if it’s a proprietary, trademarked formula, we can’t do so by law. We can work with it as a model. But we’ll have to vary the ingredient concentrations enough to make it a new formula so you won’t infringe on any trademarks.

Secondly, reverse engineering a formula takes time and money. Many companies develop proprietary formulas so they don’t have to list the exact amounts of certain ingredients on the label. They only have to list the ingredients according to concentration. Not specifically in milligrams.

Yet even that information falls far short of an exact formula. To find out exactly what forms of an ingredient and how much of an ingredient is being used can cost anywhere from $200 to $20,000.

Finally, you have the added costs of stability testing that can add thousands of dollars more to the final tab.

Even with these expenses, creating your own custom formulation can be worth it. You may have done the research and market assessment to know that this custom formula is critical for your business’ success.

On the other hand, many people overlook a simple way to get around the expense of formulation and leapfrog over some of the hurdles in building your nutrition business . . .

A Smart Cost-Effective Alternative To Custom Herbal Formulation

Private label products are products made using one of the hundreds of stock formulations we carry. We have already done the formulation and stability testing. Better yet, we’ve developed these formulations based on market research. We know these formulas sell.

And finally, these products usually take less time to manufacture since we keep most of the ingredients in stock.

All you have to do is develop your own unique product name, put it on a label and start marketing it.

For many businesses taking the private label route is the best way to start their nutritional supplement business – or grow an existing one.

If You’d Like To Produce An Herbal Formulation, Start Off On The Right Foot

Despite the advantages of stock formulations, you may still prefer to move forward on your proprietary formula.

Indeed, many breakthrough successes in this industry have come through the development of new and innovative combinations.

If that’s the case, contact our account management team and we’ll start you on the path of turning your concept into a working manufacturing recipe.

We’ll help you develop herbal formulations that will change your customers’ lives. And help you grow a thriving business.