Make Sure You’re FDA Compliant

Make Sure You’re FDA Compliant

Supplement manufacturing is a booming business as more people around the world take an interest not just in good health, but self-improvement. Supplements are an important part of that, but the products themselves need to be carefully regulated, scrutinized, and approved. This is why the United States has the FDA, better known as the Food & Drug Administration, a government body dedicated to ensuring the products that are available for Americans to consume are actually safe and do what they claim to do.


Truth In Advertising


In the past, supplement manufacturing, because it was not necessarily considered a pharmaceutical, had less supervision and monitoring than other health-related products. However as the demand for more supplements increased, and more people entered the marketplace—sometimes with less scrupulous motivations—problems arose. The number of products that didn’t work as promised, or sometimes even at all, was on the rise as more opportunists sought to exploit a growing demand.

To combat this, the FDA stepped in and applied more rigorous screening of supplements and the ingredients and claims made on labels, as well as the marketing of these products. Simply put, the FDA is making sure supplement manufacturers stay honest.


Keeping It Real


This is why it’s important to make sure that your product, and the labeling that you apply to it are FDA compliant. Should your product be evaluated by the FDA, they will look at the claims made on your website, and on the packaging. If they find the language you use, or the claims you make suspect, you will receive notification of your violation, and you’ll have 15 days to comply.

Not only is this an incredibly short timeframe in which to change something as fundamental as your labeling, the cost of such a change will be enormous. Instead, make sure that your choice of language, listing of ingredients, and claims about performance and effects are all “safe” and will easily pass FDA scrutiny should the product be subjected to that.

In this instance, we can help. In addition to supplement manufacturing we can also provide an FDA labeling evaluation, going over the packaging, claims, language and other aspects. We can tell you which areas might need to change in order to not provoke the FDA. This saves you time, money, and helps to give your product its best possible start on the market with no unwelcome changes that need to be made after an FDA request.