Lysine Is A Valuable Treatment For Herpes Cold Sores

Lysine Supplements

Amino acids are some of the most important elements within the human body. These acids form the fundamental “building blocks” of proteins, which in turn are used to generate, develop, and heal many of the body’s most important cells.

lysine supplementsWhile most people know that the body is about 60% water, few realize that more than 20% of the remaining weight is made up of proteins. For that reason, it’s important to make sure that your body gets enough of the key amino acids it needs for protein regulation.

One of the amino acids that most people have not heard of yet is lysine. Lysine has some very specific functions in the body that go above and beyond its role in protein regulation, so it can be useful for people suffering from certain conditions.

Lysine And Its Role In Treating Cold Sores

Researchers have discovered that lysine can be used in direct treatment of cold sores caused by the herpes virus — herpes simplex labialis. Those who suffer from herpes are at risk of life-long “outbreaks” of these cold sores, which can have a duration of weeks or months.

When used to treat herpes cold sores, lysine seems to prevent the growth of the herpes virus. This, in turn, makes outbreaks of herpes cold sores less likely, although the patient’s body will still harbor the virus, and he or she may be contagious.

Lysine is typically provided in a solid oral dosage for treating herpes. However, it can also be used as a topical ointment applied directly to the skin during an outbreak.

Lysine For Athletic Performance

Because resistance training, such as weightlifting, causes some damage to the muscles that are being trained, lysine can also be used alongside a complement of other amino acids to promote muscle growth and reduce “downtime.”

Any form of amino acid deficiency will retard muscle growth and may inhibit organ function, so individuals should follow up closely if they are concerned about a possible deficiency.