Lutein: One Of The Few Effective Ways To Boost Eye Health

Lutein Supplement For Eye Care

Lutein SupplementsThere are over 600 healthy carotenoids found in nature. Carotenoids are the compounds and micronutrients that give certain foods their brilliant color. The word carotenoid is easy to remember because it sounds like carrot, which is full of a brilliantly orange carotenoid.

But of the 600-plus carotenoids found in nature, only two get into your eyes to promote eye health. One of these carotenoids is called lutein, and it is found in abundance in leafy green vegetables. In fact, lutein helps those vegetables to appear green; the greener, the more lutein you’ll find in the vegetable.

But lutein can be isolated and you can take it in supplement form. This way, you don’t have to be eating salads for breakfast, lunch and dinner while your eyes benefit from having the carotenoid. Lutein helps your eyes in a variety of different ways.

Blocking Blue Light

Lutein helps your eyes block out harmful blue light. Your body does not make enough lutein on its own to do this blue light blocking, so it is vital to get enough lutein in the form of a supplement. In fact, blue light immersion in your eye can be measured and that measurement can predict future eye problems. Help shield your eyes with lutein.

Prevent Cataracts
Cataracts are spots on the lens of the eye. This happens when age-related oxygenation of the eye takes place. Lutein can help that lens remain crystal clear throughout life.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

The eyesight is one of the most prized senses. So why not take care of this sense as you grow older. Lutein helps to prevent the degeneration of your eyes as you age and it is one of the only micronutrients on the planet that has been proven to do so. Taking the supplement is vital because your body does not make enough of it on its own.