Kiwifruit Is A Delicious Fruit With Surprising Benefits

Kiwifruit is a very popular fruit used in a variety of dishes, smoothies, and much more. All fruits and vegetables have something to recommend them when it comes to maintaining good health, but kiwifruit has some unique benefits that allow it to stand out among the rest.

kiwifruitsKiwifruit has even more vitamin C than oranges, allowing those who enjoy it to pack in their total daily allotment of vitamin C in just a few bites. Vitamin C helps to prevent a wide range of ailments, including scurvy and gout, and vitamin C deficiency can be a very serious issue.

In addition to vitamin C, a single kiwifruit also contains large dosages of all of the following:

  • Vitamin K, including about 30% of the vitamin K for an average diet
  • Copper, which accounts for about 10% of the required copper each day
  • Fiber, which is crucial for the regulation of the digestive tract
  • Vitamin E, potassium, and manganese

Kiwifruit’s phytonutrients and antioxidants protect cellular health and reduce the risk of damage at the microscopic level. Kiwifruit offers a huge array of flavonoids, which are associated with reduced blood pressure, better circulation, and many other benefits.

The Kiwifruit Study

Kiwifruit has much to recommend it, including a study that was conducted among young children in Italy. This study concluded that among children ages six and seven, consumption of kiwifruit had an inverse relationship to the likelihood of respiratory problems.

It is also known that large amounts of vitamin C can be helpful in treating and preventing asthma, which typically presents itself for the first time when children are young.

The high amount of fiber in kiwifruit helps regulate blood sugar, so kiwifruit is recommended as part of a healthy diet for people who suffer from certain forms of diabetes.

All in all, kiwifruit is among the healthiest fruit one can have.