Kidney Bean Extract Can Serve As A Carb Blocker

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Kidney bean extract is fast becoming one of the most common weight loss aids in the United States. Kidney beans are healthy on their own, providing a number of vitamins and minerals the body needs, but they can also help to reduce food cravings.

kidney beans health benefitsKidney bean extract is a special preparation of the kidney bean that seeks to get at one of its most unusual ingredients, amylase. Amylase is used to digest “complex” carbohydrates, which require intensive work for the body to integrate into its own systems.

Kidney bean extracts can be used to “block” amylase in the body. When amylase is blocked off, it becomes impossible for the body to completely digest a variety of complex carbohydrates, which includes many different breads and other baked goods.

As a result of this “blockage,” complex carbs can pass through the body without being absorbed. This means that the patient will not absorb most of the calories or the nutritional value of the complex carbohydrates.

While many different diets have featured “carbohydrate reduction” as part of their main premise, it is important to make sure that you are getting enough carbohydrates while pursuing this kind of plan.

When used correctly, kidney bean extracts can help people to control their complex carbohydrate intake. This can be valuable for weight loss, because complex carbs are difficult for the body to break down once they are ingested, and they can lead to unwanted weight gain.

“Starch blockers” made from kidney beans are also available in a prescription form. When used at prescription concentrations, they are generally intended to help diabetes patients control their blood sugar levels on the long term.

Kidney bean extract can be a valuable dietary aid that, when used appropriately and combined with lots of water and natural fiber, may be helpful on a variety of fronts.