How Do You Market Your Supplements Online?

How Do You Market Your Supplements Online?

Solidifying your supplement manufacturing process is a crucial cornerstone of taking your supplement formula-tion and making your business dream a reality. But once you’ve got your product, you’ve still got to reach out to your market. And marketing is an entire other discipline wholly separate from all the hard work you’ve already done with the supplement manufacturing phase.

There are a lot of different marketing avenues to consider, but one that you absolutely need to take advantage is your online marketing. There are a lot of promotional and financial reasons for carefully considering this phase of your product rollout.


Cost & Data Effective


Compared to the amounts you’d need to invest in more traditional marketing efforts such as television, radio and print advertising, online marketing is much more cost effective. Not only is it often cheaper than traditional, media it also gives you a much more accurate picture of how your marketing is working, since you can tell who is viewing—and responding—to your marketing. There are a few different ways that you can use the Internet to your advantage.


Affiliate Marketing


This is where you or your marketing company pays others to advertise your products for you. Affiliate market-ers create their own content, whether it’s videos, articles or podcasts. They promote your product, and include a link to your website. Every time someone clicks on the link they provide and goes to your website to peruse your products, the affiliate marketer gets paid. In other words, you only pay for the marketing that actually worked. Like your supplement manufacturing, this can be quite efficient with proper management.


Social Media


While it can be a bit tricky to get a grasp of, and use properly, social media is a new, surprisingly effective tool for online marketing. Of course, the trick with social media is to not treat it like an advertising channel, or at least, to not treat it only as an advertising channel. As the name implies social media is an online venue for so-cializing. So by maintaining this account and actually interacting with potential customers, you can build up a relationship, and clear the way for more promotions.


Online Videos


While buying airtime for a commercial can be prohibitive, a competently produced online video can be done at comparatively low cost and, best of all, can be distributed for free. Well known video websites such as YouTube and even your own website or social media can play host a brief, informative, smartly produced video marketing initiative. It’s a great next step after supplement manufacturing to market your product.