How CoQ10 Works

Back in the 50s, a doctor discovered something in beef hearts. He discovered a compound that was abundant within them that had numerous health benefits for humans with almost no side effects. This compound is found naturally in the human body, but in an abundance in beef hearts. And there was a way to isolate that compound and put it into a supplement. This compound is CoQ10.



CoQ10 has been scientifically proven to help with cancer, HIV and AIDS, hypertension, bad cholesterol, types 1 and 2 diabetes, age-related Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and even asthma. Not only does the supplement help with these particular ailments, but further studies are showing improvements in a lot of other maladies.

The compound is already naturally found inside your body. It assists the cells in making ATP, which is energy for your muscles and organs. It is found in abundance in the places that require the most energy, like your heart.

When you boost the CoQ10 levels in your blood, you are essentially boosting your cells ability to make, convert and use ATP. This makes your body a lot more efficient. When your cells are efficient, they are better at carrying out just about everything, including repair.

CoQ10 has shown to be able to repair heart related damage. When your body is low on CoQ10, most of the cell’s energy is directed toward making new energy. But with CoQ10, it gives your cells a chance to redirect that energy into repairs. There has even been some evidence that CoQ10 can help repair damage to the mouth, teeth and gums.

The efficiency factor of your cells plays a large role in cancer. Cancer is sometimes the result of cell mutation from a burdened and unhealthy cell. CoQ10 makes your cells more efficient, which may reduce the chance of getting cancer.