Horse Chestnut Is A Natural Way To Treat Many Varicose Veins

Horse Chestnut Benefits

Horse chestnut can be very dangerous — even fatal — if it is consumed raw. However, when horse chestnut seeds and leaves have been processed correctly, they can be used in the effective treatment of a wide range of different diseases.

Horse chestnut benefitsProcessing removes the toxin esculin from the seed, bark, leaves, and flowers of the horse chestnut, making it safe for human consumption. When processed appropriately and used with discretion, horse chestnut can be very valuable in promoting circulatory health.

Horse Chestnut And The Circulatory System

Horse chestnut is perhaps most well known for treating varicose veins. These “problem veins” are often caused by blood leaking and flowing backwards along their path. They frequently have to be removed surgically if no other treatment is available.

Horse chestnut can reduce the occurrence of varicose veins and the pain associated with them. Not surprisingly, horse chestnut also helps with swollen veins, a condition known as phlebitis.

When concentrated to a high degree, horse chestnut is valuable in treating chronic venous insufficiency. Systematic circulatory issues such as this can contribute to the rise of varicose veins and other problem veins throughout the body.

Horse Chestnut And The Joints And Soft Tissue

Horse chestnut can be used to promote overall health of the joints and soft tissues, thus reducing the risk of some forms of arthritis and improving the prognosis for people who are suffering from joint-related injuries.

In the immediate aftermath of a sprain or a fracture in the bones, horse chestnut can sometimes be applied effectively to reduce swelling. This can be part of a first aid response or can help the healing process during a weeks- or months-long recovery.

The National Institutes of Health consider horse chestnut “likely effective” for circulatory issues, so it may be a good idea to seek more information and discuss it with a physician if you are having related issues.