Gummy Vitamins: Pros & Cons

Gummy Vitamins: Pros & Cons

If you’re considering entry into the supplement business, one area that there is always a demand for is private label gummy vitamins. While this may not be the first thing that comes to a person’s mind when looking at vitamins and other health supplements, further research indicates that there’s a large, healthy and profitable industry at work here. However, as with any other type of health supplement, manufacturing and selling private label gummy vitamins has both advantages and disadvantages as a business venture. What kind of opportunities and challenges can they present to you? Let’s take a closer look.


The Pros


On the one hand, creating private label gummy vitamins is always a popular choice with the customers themselves, and that’s for one crucial reason; they taste good. There are two big differentiators between private label gummy vitamins and more traditional pill, tablet or gel capsule forms. The first is that gummy vitamins are designed to have pleasant flavoring, rather than be encouraged to be swallowed with water as quickly as possible.

The other big positive for gummy vitamins is that they are manufactured to be both soft and chewable. Most vitamins and health supplements, because they tend to have unpleasant flavors, must be swallowed in one go. However, the size of some pills, tablets or capsules can make swallowing intimidating or even difficult. Because private label gummy vitamins can be chewed like candy, this eliminates that issue.


The Cons


On the other hand, there are certain considerations to keep in mind with regard to gummy vitamins. The most obvious is a careful focus on recommended dosages. Believe it or not, one major issue that some gummy vitamins face is that the customers treat them like candy and will occasionally eat them throughout the day, rather than sticking to the health industry recommended single, daily dosage for vitamins.

The other issue, which is more of a marketing and education challenge, is that the same candy-like nature of gummy vitamins makes some people suspicious of their actual nutritional value. This is especially true of the labeling on the vitamins does not explicitly indicate the vitamins are certified and meet nutritional requirements.


Make Your Gummy Vitamins With Us


If you’re interested in making your own private label gummy vitamins, we can help. Our supplement formulation service has everything you need to plan out exactly what benefits your vitamins will have, and provide the means to create the template for mass production you need.