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Gummy Supplements

Gummy Supplements

There are many vitamins and supplements that can be found in gummy form these days. They were once reserved as a way to get people to take their dailies, but now there are many different things that gummies can do. This is certainly good news if you’re a gummy vitamins manufacturer.


Gummy vitamins still come as the standard multivitamin, which provides the basic vitamins and minerals that meet the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) established by the FDA to meet the health needs of people in different groups. Typically, 2 gummies are all you need to get what you need. Because gummies are so tasty, be sure to stick with the recommendation to avoid ingesting too much of a good thing.

Why Take Gummies

Some people take gummy vitamins because they have trouble swallowing pills, such as elderly adults or children, and some people take them because they are simply fun to take. Gummies are beneficial in that they are digested and absorbed by the body much faster than regular tablets, making sure that all of the components get taken in. In fact, some tablets take so long to digest that the body can miss out on some of the nutrients involved.

They’re Good For You

There are controversies about gummy vitamins and supplements as some people believe that the added sugar isn’t worth the nutrients, but this is highly arguable. A little-added sugar to the diet is well worth consuming when it comes to getting your important dietary needs met. For some people, like those who are very busy or picky-eaters, the daily gummy is the most nutritious part of their day. Besides, it adds a little fun and pleasure to your morning.

Many Different Gummies

There are many different supplements that come in gummy form, so a gummy vitamins manufacturer has plenty to choose from, including:

  • Omega + DHA Gummies good for boosting the brain, keeping the eyes clear, and reducing inflammation.
  • High Fiber Gummies – keep your digestion moving regularly. Can also help you feel fuller for longer.
  • Melatonin Gummies to help you fall asleep faster–and stay asleep—naturally.
  • Kids Gummy Bears – because kids love gummies and kids need to get the vitamins and minerals they need to grow strong and stay healthy.

Being a gummy vitamins manufacturer is good business when you know what vitamins people need, what they like, and how they like to take them.