GABA Supports Nervous System Health And Improves Mood

Mood Supplements

GABA is a substance clinically and technically known as Gamma – Aminobutyric Acid. In healthy individuals, a certain amount of GABA is produced naturally in the brain. However, the amount of GABA made can become unbalanced, producing too much or not enough.

mood supplementsGenerally speaking, a person is more likely to suffer from a deficiency of GABA than from too much of it. That being the case, GABA is sometimes prescribed as a standalone medication or within a preparation containing a variety of other chemicals related to neurochemical function.

GABA has a wide variety of effects on the central nervous system:

— It can relieve feelings of anxiety and promote feelings of peacefulness
— It can help people who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to focus
— It is sometimes used in combatting the mental and psychological symptoms of PMS
— When used correctly, it can produce a general “mood elevating” effect on patients

These mood-related uses are not all there is to GABA. In fact, some bodybuilders and others who are involved in fitness take supplements that include GABA. GABA derived from various natural sources is widely available.

Physical Effects Of GABA

When taken in an appropriate dosage, GABA can accelerate the growth of lean muscle. It also sends signals to the body that tell it when to burn fat. In some cases, it has been used as a form of immediate first aid to reduce pain right after injury so that other treatments can be used.

Last, but certainly not least, GABA has been tested for the reduction of blood pressure.

Since GABA functions by blocking certain transmissions of the central nervous system, it is important to take other medications into account before taking it, as well as being aware of the diet and general well-being of the person using it. It can be very versatile and useful!