Feed Your Brain With Ginkgo

Ginkgo Biloba Supplements

There is a revolution going on out there. More people than ever are concerned with their health and they are taking action. People are exercising more than ever, eating right, taking supplements and taking care of their bodies. But most people overlook one of the most important muscles in the body – the brain. The brain is an elastic muscle that can be worked out. You can choose to make it stronger and you can feed it right. One of the best ways to feed your brain is by taking Ginkgo Biloba (also called Maidenhair Tree).

Ginkgo Biloba

The brain is such a complex muscle. To match your brains computing power, Microsoft would have to build a computer the size of a city block and it would need to be cooled by an entire river. This makes the brain incredibly difficult to understand. So researchers don’t know exactly why Ginkgo Biloba comes with such great brain-feeding benefits; they just know it works. Here are just some of the positive effects of Ginkgo:

1. The supplement has been found to reduce depression. In fact, some people have been able to go off medication for mild depression; replacing that medication with Ginkgo Biloba. This has been especially noted for people over the age of 50.

2. Ginko increases blood flow to the brain. This makes the brain work a little more efficiently, but more importantly, it protects the brain from age-related illness. Ginko has been proven to slow down and help prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s.

3. The added blood flow that comes with taking Ginkgo has been reported to reduce erectile dysfunction in men. In fact, the added blood flow adds more pleasure for both genders during sex.

4. Added blood flow makes Ginkgo a great anti-inflammatory. That means it relieves pain associated with swelling, such as arthritis.