Drop Shipping Supplements from Your Supplier

Drop Shipping Supplements from Your SupplierDrop shipping is the process of moving goods from the manufacturer directly to the retailer without having to go through all the complicated and messy distribution channels. It means that a store doesn’t have to keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, the items are purchased from a third party and are then shipped directly to the consumer. It is essentially eliminating the middle man while also saving on some operating costs.

Drop Shipping Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins and other health supplements have begun cornering a large part of the market online which is why drop shipping these types of products is also growing in popularity. Selling vitamins and supplements is an attractive concept because it provides what it called recurring revenue. Most people that purchase vitamins and supplements tend to continue to purchase them which means they will most likely turn to you to purchase them again.

There is also a very low probability of return on products such as these, and there is always going to be a new product coming out that is going to capture the consumer’s attention. In a very competitive industry such as this, drop shipping makes it possible to fill a demand, save time, and save money. You won’t have to keep the vitamins and supplements constantly in stock, and you don’t have to tell your consumers that you don’t have what they need.

The Benefits of Drop Shipping

Also, drop shipping offers man other benefits for the business owner including a higher manufactured suggested retail price (MSRP), a much higher replenish rate, a significantly lower return rate, and a lower shipping weight.

You will also be able to free up additional time to focus on your growing business because you won’t have to worry about the order fulfillment details and services yourself. Once the consumer orders the products, they will ship directly from the manufacturer to the consumer. This is extremely helpful when it comes to fulfilling larger orders as well.

When people order large amounts of vitamins and supplements from you, and you carry the inventory, you will have to worry about the storage space you have available if you don’t take advantage of drop shipping.

Instead of worrying about all these logistics when it comes to selling and shipping your vitamins and supplements, consider drop shipping for product warehousing, inventory management, and better tracking so you can ultimately maximize your revenue opportunity and grow your business.