Deer Velvet Can Revitalize The Circulatory System

Supplements With Deer Velvet

Hearing the name “deer velvet,” one might think that it is a plant or flower that has an interesting title. However, you might be surprised to know that deer velvet actually comes from the body of a deer.

deer“Deer velvet” is the soft material that covers the growing bone and connective tissues within a young deer’s antlers. As the deer ages, the “velvet” is absorbed into the growing structure and disappears.

Deer velvet has been used for a long time among body builders and others who demand intensive performance from their bodies. However, it is now becoming more and more well known for its potential health effects, regardless of one’s level of exercise.

Broadly speaking, deer velvet can improve endurance, stimulate greater immune system function, and reduce the impact of stress on the body. However, it also has a range of more specific uses that are situational:

Cholesterol And Blood Pressure
Some treatments for high cholesterol and high blood pressure use deer velvet. Because cholesterol can contribute to higher blood pressure, a synergistic effect is possible when deer velvet is used to reduce both issues in tandem.

Blood Circulation And Red Blood Cell Production
Red blood cells are critical for protecting the body and ensuring that its cells are fully oxygenated. Many people have sub-optimal levels of red blood cells, combined with issues circulating blood through the body, which deer velvet can assist with.

Hormonal Balance
Treatments including deer velvet have been prescribed by doctors to help reduce the amount of estrogen that a woman needs in hormone replacement therapy. Deer velvet can help to accelerate the production of testosterone in a man’s body and estrogen in a woman’s body.

Because of the potential endocrine effects of deer velvet, it’s crucial to use it only within the context of a doctor’s care and recommendations. However, when used in the right dosages and for the proper duration, it can greatly increase quality of life.