Creating The Complete Package

Proteins are integral to the proper function of the body, since the amino acids within protein foods support cell regeneration, muscle and tissue formation, and also aid in efficient metabolism for all body systems. Although animal proteins are considered complete sources, these may not be as clean as plant based proteins. This is not only due to the fact that other nutrients such as fats and added hormones may be present, but also because animal proteins are less efficient for the body to process for optimal absorption.

indexPea protein offers vital minerals and enzymes that can actually aid digestion, and is also in a less complex form that makes the amino acids and nutrients more bio-available to the body. Although it is considered an incomplete protein, since it is lacking in tryptophan and methionine, when it is combined with grain proteins it will offer all the necessary building blocks for health.

Because of the ease of digestion, pea protein is often found in vegetarian and vegan protein formulas, and can also help to boost energy through the high content of B Vitamins which are available from this source. In order to acquire the correct balance of amino acids, a ratio of 1:3 for bean and grain combination is the most suitable.

As a legume source of nutrition, pea protein has a fairly long time of viability, and can be a cost effective alternative to animal based proteins. It also helps to cut cholesterol levels, not only because it does not add further lipids, but also because the enzymes aid in converting LDLs to HDLs. This can not only support the cardiovascular system, but also offers a long term energy source through blood sugar balance.

Pea protein is most commonly available in a powdered form that can be mixed with other foods or used in protein drinks. Along with the obvious positive effects of this clean protein, it is also very high in Vitamin C, to further boost energy and immune function.