Core Values

At Vitakem, we have a variety of core values that we bring to the table to all of our customers and employees. The nutraceuticals we provide to our customers are custom made to meet their specific needs, and some aspects that we find important are:


  • Authenticity – At Vitakem, we strive to be authentic in all that we do and provide. From the supplements we create to the service that each customer receives, we pride ourselves on being genuine in all that we do on a daily basis!
  • No problem too small – We like to believe that each little thing matters when it comes to a customer’s total satisfaction with their products, and no matter the size of the problem, we want to make your satisfaction our priority.
  • The customer is always first – At Vitakem, the customer always comes first no matter the situation. Whether a person wants more information on their nutraceutical order, or they wish to learn the process of making custom products, making sure each customer has a pleasant experience is something we hold in high regard!
  • For the greater good – Foregoing personal goals to aid a fellow employee or customer is what makes Vitakem the excellent team it is today. Helping fellow co-workers to achieve their goals and satisfy customers is something that we believe very strongly in at Vitakem, as we feel that this level of team building is what makes, and keeps, a group strong!
  • Passion – Passion is important in doing your best no matter what task you may set out to perform, and at Vitakem we encourage each employee to be passionate about their job each and every day. Passion also helps a person to take pride in their daily work and appreciate all they do to keep customers happy and make Vitakem the best it can be!