CoQ10 Could Be Your Ticket To Better Health

CoQ10 Supplements

CoQ10, which is an abbreviation of Coenzyme Q10, is a compound that can be found naturally in nearly each and every cell in a person’s body. CoQ10 produces energy within the mitochondria of each cell, allowing cells to move and work better within be body, thereby bringing along an important addition to overall better general health. CoQ10 has a vast list of health benefits ranging from heart health to dental health, and the addition of CoQ10 into any diet or treatment has been found to improve many ailments significantly.

Coenzyme Q10Some common benefits of CoQ10 are:

Heart health – Several studies have been performed in recent years that show that the addition of CoQ10 has relieved symptoms and improved the general health of patients suffering from various heart-related ailments. In one study several patients with congestive heart failure took 60 mg of CoQ10 over the course of 3 months, and it was found that their symptoms lessened and their quality of life greatly improved when compared to the group who was taking a placebo medication.

Diabetic health – Those suffering with diabetes have found that their conditions improved significantly after incorporating CoQ10 supplements into their diets. One study performed recently showed that those who incorporated CoQ10 into their diet at 100mg twice daily were able to better control their blood pressure and glycemic levels.

Gum disease control – CoQ10 has also been found to improve gum disease when applied topically into the periodontal pocket. The improvement caused by the supplement not only helped patients to relieve their symptoms, but it also helped them to save their natural teeth as well.

CoQ10, or Coenzyme Q10, provides various benefits to the body in many different facets. From heart health, to oral health, to help with controlling diabetes, CoQ10 is one supplement that can aid the body in an incredible amount of ways!