Let Your Business Benefit From Nutritional Supplements

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The Business Of Supplements

The price of prescription medicine has been on the rise for years now, and at least for the moment there’s no real end in sight.  Because of this, more and more Americans are looking for other ways to stay healthy and avoid the price of a bad illness, and that presents an opportunity for many businesses looking to expand their services or reach out to new customer bases.

Vitamins and nutritional supplements offer a way for Americans and people around the world to make up for not always eating right by giving them the nutrients they need to stay active and healthy, and while they don’t cure infections the way an antibiotic can they do play an important role in preventive medicine.  And since supplements are much less regulated than prescription drugs, all kinds of businesses can add their private label to a bottle and boost their profit margin.  Plus creating your own private label is simple and easy when you work with a contract supplement manufacturer like Vitakem.

Your Business Could Benefit From Supplements

There are a lot of supplement formulas out there beyond the traditional multivitamins and single-nutrient pills.  You can find formulas that specialize in things like anti-aging vitamins, antioxidants, non-GMO herbs and extracts, and probiotics.  Thanks to this variety, just about every business that has to do with health, beauty, fitness, and food can find a set of supplements that fits in with their products and services.  A gym could sell its own brand of protein powder, or a spa could sell supplements that promote strong hair and healthy skin.

But if you own a business, you probably don’t have the time or the money to spare on mixing formulas or making pills.  That’s where the contract supplement manufacturer comes in:  Vitakem has the facilities to combine thousands of formulas and produce millions of capsules, pills, powders, gummies, and more each and every year.  We keep our prices low by keeping our volume high, and that means less effort and better profit margins for all our clients.

Let Us Help Design Your Label

At Vitakem, part of our business strategy as a contract supplement manufacturer is to give our clients exactly as much help as they want when it comes to designing the private labels that go on their bottles and jars.  Whether you want us to create your label for you or whether you just need someone to proofread your design, we can tailor our assistance to whatever you need.

For instance, many of our clients already have a logo for their business, and they have us incorporate that logo into their label design.  Other times our clients are creating a supplement business from scratch, and we can do the same with our labeling services.  But if you think it’s important or more economical to create your own label, all we’ll do is make sure it’s readable on the bottles and boxes you plan to use and that it follows FDA regulations.

We also offer plenty of variety for your supplement’s shape and packaging.  Along with basic tablets and capsules, we can create powders in jars or packets and gummies for child-friendly supplements.  Your pills can come in all different shapes and colors, and we can put them in bottles, blister packs, and more.

You Can Expand Into New Territory

Once we’ve created your private-label supplement and packaged it bottles or boxes with your company’s logo on them, we can deliver your new products directly to your home or business.  However, we can also help you expand your company’s reach.

For a monthly fee, you can join our drop shipping program.  This means we’ll manufacture your supplements based on the orders you forward to us and ship them directly to your customers.  You can also take advantage of our Amazon partnership and have them store and ship your products using their warehouses and website.

We also work with international clients who want a contract supplement manufacturer that can put a “Made in the U.S.A.” logo on its bottles.  We always keep up to date with FDA and international regulations, and we can help make the import process as smooth as possible.

If you want an America-based contract supplement manufacturer that can make exactly the supplements you want and always keep up with your demand, then you’ve come to the right place.  At Vitakem, we enable our clients to expand their business with private-label supplements and our flexible services give them exactly as much help as they want.  So take a look at the supplement formulas we offer today, or contact us to work out a brand-new formula just for you.

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