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Unreturned phone calls … production run delays … no straight answers when you call with a problem … concerned that your contractor isn’t compliant with FDA good manufacturing practices (GMPs) …

No supplement company should have to put up with a vitamin manufacturer partner who doesn’t make customer service and quality production priority number one.

Unfortunately, too often we talk to companies who are going through these kinds of hassles. They’re itching for a new kind of partnership with a different contract supplement manufacturer.

But these companies feel stuck. You’ve already paid for boxes of labels, you’re worried about production delays … and you wonder: Can the extra work of switching partners really make that much of a difference?

It sure can. And – here’s the real trade secret – changing partners is really not that much work either.

At Vitakem We Make Changing To New Supplement Manufacturer Easy

Easy Switch Factor #1:

When you contract with us, we assign you a specific account executive. This account executive is your go-to person -the only person you have to call, ever. If you need to confer with someone else from our company, our account executive will take the responsibility of arranging it for you.

And this relationship starts right at the beginning. Your account executive shepherds you through all the steps of the transition.

Easy Switch Factor #2

Not only do you play less phone tag, but we take the initiative to check in with you. Your account executive has the job of checking in with you regularly to ensure that no question’s gone unanswered, your inventory is on target and production planning is as it should be.

Way before you experience that panicked moment of realizing your inventory is low and you haven’t put in a new production run order, we’re calling you to check on things. This regular check-in allows you to work with your account executive proactively in planning production so your sales process can proceed smoothly as ever.

Easy Switch Factor #3

Got boxes of labels to use up before you can cut ties with your old supplement manufacturer? No problem. We’ll eat the costs of printing up new labels so you can switch right away. Here’s the step-by-step process of making the switch:

  • Upon receiving your deposit, we’ll work with you to recreate your label if you don’t have the original artwork.
  • You approve the label.
  • You approve the formula.
  • Your product goes into production.
  • In 4-6 weeks your product is ready to ship.

Now how’s that for an easy button?

So before you assume that once you’ve started with one nutraceutical manufacturer, you’re stuck with them for good, give us a call. Let us show you how easy and rewarding a a strategic change of manufacturers can be for your business.

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