Calcium Phosphate Is The Building Block Of Your Bones

Most people know that calcium is an extremely important part of the body, crucial to making sure your bones remain healthy and strong throughout life. However, bones are not actually made from pure calcium. Instead, they’re made from calcium phosphate — a combination of calcium and phosphorous.

calcium phosphateThe body needs calcium phosphate to keep bones strong, especially if they have been damaged or broken and are in the middle of a healing process. If your body lacks calcium, it will start to leech calcium from your bones in order to keep the amount of calcium in your blood consistent.

Most people are not at significant risk of phosphorous deficiency, but it’s important to make sure that you get enough calcium. Calcium is found in relatively large amounts in dairy products such as milk and cheese. Both calcium and calcium phosphate can be found in supplements.

When Might It Be Necessary To Take Calcium Phosphate Supplements?

Every once in a while, someone might be in a situation where calcium phosphate supplements are very important. Your doctor can tell you more about this and make you aware of the best ways to get more calcium phosphate.

Calcium phosphate is not only used to help accelerate the healing process when bones get broken, but can also be valuable for your teeth. Hydroxyapatite is a type of calcium phosphate used in the building of both bones and teeth.

Those whose teeth are prone to cavities and damage despite a complete regimen of dental health care may take calcium phosphate as a supplement or might use specialized toothpaste that has it as one of the main ingredients.

Calcium phosphate is associated with higher bone density, which helps your bones to maintain the balanced relationships between your muscles and organs. Higher bone density will also protect elders better from the possible consequences of falls.