Butterbur Is Emerging Thanks To Recent Research

Butterbur Extract

Butterbur is an herb that has been used in alternative medicine for thousands of years, along with a wide range of other ingredients found growing wild in nature. It is important to only use fully vetted and certified butterbur products under the care of a physician, because butterbur contains chemicals that can cause permanent damage to the human liver.

Butterbur extractHowever, when used correctly, butterbur can be very valuable.

Butterbur’s principal active components are believed to reduce swelling and bring relief for bodily spasms. This makes it extremely useful as a natural pain reliever. It can be used in a wide range of situations For example, butterbur has been used:

— To relieve upset stomach and promote healthy digestive function
— To reduce the pain associated with stomach ulcers
— To improve the symptoms of a common headache and of migraines
— To provide relief for irritable bladder caused by spasms of the urinary tract

It is also used for a variety of respiratory issues, including a whooping cough, asthma, and the seasonal allergies known as hay fever.

What Does Recent Research Say About Butterbur?

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has explored some of the value of butterbur, coming up with valuable information for anyone interested in using it.

Studies have shown that butterbur may be just as valuable as “OTC” antihistamine products in reducing itchy eyes and a number of other symptoms associated with seasonal allergies.

A separate literature review concluded that butterbur may have clinically relevant results when used in the treatment of migraines, although migraines can arise from a wide range of sources.

Research is promising on the subject of whether or not nasal allergies are affected by butterbur usage, although more data will have to be collected to come to any final conclusion.

All in all, responsible use of butterbur under the care of a health practitioner may provide hope for people who have challenging symptoms.