Are Your Supplements NSF Certified?

Are Your Supplements NSF Certified?In the world of private label nutraceuticals, as well as many other industries, certification standards can often mean the difference between a trusted product or service, and one treated with caution and skepticism. The reason is clear; a product that has been certified by a respected organization means that it follows rigorous standards that meet the requirements for quality. In the world of business, ISO certified companies provide great service. In the world of private label nutraceuticals, a certificate from the NSF International is a major vote of confidence.

What Is NSF International?

NSF stands for the National Sanitation Foundation, an organization with its world headquarters based in Ann Arbor Michigan. While the group that started in 1944 was primarily American in its focus, by 1990, the responsibilities of the NSF had grown so broad, across different countries and continents, that it formally changed its name to NSF International.

Today, as the original name implies, NSF International is still an organization that is focused on safety through sanitation, or cleanliness. NSF International assess the risks that come from contaminants entering into areas that can impact the health and safety of people. They assess company protocols and safety measures based on ethics, thoroughness, and adherence to established scientific principles.

What Is An NSF Certified Company?

For private label nutraceuticals that rely on third-party manufacturing, choosing to work with a manufacturer that proudly bears NSF certification means having the peace of mind that comes from knowing rigorous testing and quarantine protocols are in place to ensure the safety and quality of products.

A manufacturer without NSF certifications may cut corners, breach safety protocols in the interests of speed or cost efficiency, and generally operate at a lower rate of both quality and risk management. In other words, there’s a higher risk of something going wrong, and when something goes wrong with private label nutraceuticals that damage to a reputation can be high, and the trust lost by customers can be difficult—sometimes impossible—to win back.

With NSF certification, you can be assured that even if you don’t know what’s the safest, most ethical way to create private label nutraceuticals, your manufacturing partner does. And as long as you stick with an NSF Certified Partner for contract manufacturing, you can run your business with the confidence of knowing you won’t be hit with unwanted controversies like mismanaging ingredient amounts or even lying about the ingredients used. Only uncertified businesses would run the risk of these practices.