Amino Acid Complex And The Physically Fit Woman

Most supplements that revolve around physical fitness come in very masculine packages. There is protein powder that promises to deliver a ton of lean muscle mass for lifters. There is creatine that loads your body up with powerful energy that is converted into even more muscle. But the fact of the matter is that women need supplementation, too.

Amino Acid Complex

Amino Acid Complex

Women do not have an abundance of testosterone in the blood. Testosterone is the chemical that is responsible for a man’s ability to gain a lot of muscle. While testosterone stores in a woman’s body are low, that doesn’t mean a woman cannot gain lean muscle mass. Women are encouraged by personal trainers to do resistance work in order to gain lean muscle. The muscle that women gain tends to be slender and lean. And it is this muscle that frames the feminine shape of the body.

But women do not need a ton of protein after a workout, so those “power” bars and chalky protein shakes aren’t really needed. But that doesn’t mean a woman should not supplement her resistance workouts. Women should invest in amino acid complex supplements.

When you do resistance training, your muscles get sore. They get sore because you just put a bunch of little micro-tears into the muscles. You need protein to repair these tiny little injuries. Men love to pack the tears with protein to gain muscle, but a woman can repair these tears just fine with Amino Acid Complex supplementation.

Amino acids are the very building blocks of protein. There are 20 different amino acids that are used to build protein cells. With an amino acid supplementation, a woman floods her own body with the proper micronutrients so that she can build healthy protein and repair fatigued muscles without getting huge like that veiny lifter you see in the gym.