7-Keto DHEA Eases The Stress Of Modern Life

You’ve probably heard of the term “fight or flight”. Fight or flight is a natural response in the body that has evolved in humans over thousands of years. Essentially, when a crisis happens, your adrenal glands respond by flooding your system with a chemical. Adrenaline if the “fight” chemical. It pumps you up to sustain a nasty and immediate fight. Cortisol is the “flight” chemical. It makes you feel fear, panic and stress so that you run away from the fight. Either way, it is your body’s way of ensuring your survival during a tough time.



Our ancestors received these rushes for a number of reasons that we don’t have to worry about these days. But the stresses of modern life still trigger this reaction inside our bodies – bills, mortgage, relationship, etc. Because there is no immediate and physical threat to “fight,” we usually receive a dose of damaging cortisol; the stress hormone.

Stress wreaks havoc on our bodies, minds and health. And our depleted adrenal glands suffer, throwing our hormonal system out of whack. But you can help your adrenal glands, restore normative hormone function and feel better by taking DHEA.

DHEA is a chemical in the blood and is produced by the adrenal glands. The more DHEA, the stronger the glands. Taking the supplement boosts your hormonal health, relieves stress and boost sex drive. When the adrenal glands get back to a normative level of function, the extra DHEA is metabolized as a sex hormone; namely testosterone. That is why high-level athletes take the supplement. It gives them nerves of steel and extra strength-gaining testosterone. The supplement is safe to use for both men and women. In fact, this surge also increases sex drive in both men and women.