5 Super Spices For Weight Loss

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5 Super Spices For Weight LossWhen it comes to the most popular supplements manufactured, weight loss aids often top the list. From meal replacement bars to protein shakes, there is an entire market devoted to helping people lower the numbers on the scale.

The latest trend in any supplements manufactured point toward substances found in nature. People are put-off by chemical compositions and drugs that are known as a miracle cure one minute, and a health risk the next. This is why herbal formulations have become more popular than ever for treating a multitude of conditions.

And when it comes to weight loss, things are definitely heating up.


Heating Things Up Naturally


The Colonel uses 11 herbs and spices in his famous chicken recipe, but that’s hardly conducive to weight loss. Separate the herbs and spices from the deep-fat frying, however, and you might just have something useful. Here are 5 spices that have been found to promote weight loss and increase fat burning capabilities in the body.


1) Cinnamon. This sweet spice has been gracing the breakfast and bakery tables for years, but there’s more to Cinnamon than just good flavor. It can boost the metabolism to aid in fat burning; it’s been shown to reduce blood sugar levels, triglycerides, and LDL (bad cholesterol); and it’s a good digestive aid.

2) Cayenne Pepper. It’s well-known for the heat that it gives off, but that heat can help shrink fat tissues, decrease calorie intake, and lower blood fat levels. It can also raise the body temperature and speed up the metabolism.

3) Ginger. With the ability to soothe and relax the intestinal tract, ginger is a tummy tamer that has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. For weight loss, it can help suppress cravings and boost the metabolism.

4) Turmeric. A spice that has been in the forefront of all the supplements manufactured recently, its thermogenic properties can burn fat and increase metabolism. Plus, studies show that Turmeric can reduce the formation of new fat tissues.

5) Black Pepper. Found on just about every table in America, this common spice contains a substance which can block the formation of new fat cells. Black pepper can help burn calories when combined with cayenne pepper.


As it turns out, the most natural way to help you get the body you want might have been sitting in your pantry all along.