5 Considerations To Help You Choose A Supplement Manufacturer

How To Pick The Right Nutraceuticals Company

5 Considerations To Help You Choose A Supplement ManufacturerYou’ve got the market interest, you have some great product ideas, and you are ready to start manufacturing your own supplement line. That means it’s time to choose a supplement manufacturer. However, with a quick Google search, you’ll find there are a ton of options out there. So how do you know you are picking the right supplement manufacturer? Here are five things to consider to help you make this decision:

1. Do they offer formulation?

Formulating the perfect balance of ingredients takes a high level of expertise. Rather than spending the money to hire a chemist, a good manufacturer will have one on staff that can help you design your supplements to provide optimal benefits right on site. This will save you time and money, and also ensure that your products really work.

2. Are they scaleable?

You may just be starting out, but you never know how fast your brand will grow. Finding a company that can fulfill both small and large orders can save you a lot of hassle down the line when your company becomes more successful. Plus, it’s great to be able to do short runs if you want to test the market for a new product.

3. Do they provide options for custom branding?

Your branding is essential for helping your product stand out. You don’t want the same look as all your competitors. It’s important that you can get the labels, bottle, and product designs that suit your brand.

4. Do they have the right certifications?

In order for your supplements to have the quality needed to sell on the market, your manufacturer needs to have certain quality certifications. Make sure they have FDA and NSF GMP certifications. You can also look for other offerings like kosher certifications as an added offering for your customers.

5. Can they meet your sales needs?

Even with the best quality supplements on the market, if they can’t fulfill your orders on time, it doesn’t matter. A good manufacturer will be clear about when they can fulfill orders and will help work with your sales projections to fill their inventory. This is crucial if you are going to grow your business and meet the needs of your customers.

At Vitakem, we know that you have options. However, we offer all of these services and more. We work directly with our customers to provide them all the tools they need to be successful. So give us a call and see how we can help make your dream of owning your own supplement line a reality!