Echinacea Supplements – Kick That Cold

Posted On : February 9th, 2011 / 1 comment

As the weather begins to get a little nippier, you start to hear more coughing, sneezing, and sniffling all around you. When you start to feel that warning tickle in the back of your throat, it’s time to take action to bolster your protection against the impending cold season. When it comes to immunity boosters, few herbal supplements have been getting as much attention as Echinacea in the news. While its efficacy as an immunity booster is still under clinical review, many still swear by its ability to prevent colds and speed up your recovery if you catch one. You can take Echinacea supplements and see for yourself.

Echinacea is actually a type of daisy. It hasn’t quite been uncovered yet what it is about Echinacea that makes it such an effective immunity booster. And while its efficacy is still quite hotly disputed, many people have tried using it and have come to the conclusion that it really works for them, at least. Those who have tried it for themselves and found that it worked for them become raving fans, which is how the buzz surrounding Echinacea supplements spread so fast and continues to spread. If it works for you, you don’t care if the jury is still out on an official verdict.

Different types of the Echinacea plant have been used for centuries as an all-purpose medicine to improve general health. One can only assume that the reason different cultures have been using Echinacea for so many centuries is that it has been working with consistent results for that long. Some may dismiss it as a persistent old wives’ tale, but if Echinacea supplements have survived to this day and age of technology and scientific discovery, then there must be some merit to its ability to boost your immune system.

Ultimately, if you start coming down with a cold, you’ve got to do whatever you can to get well as soon as possible. If you don’t, then you could fall behind at work and suffer other consequences. You’re at your best when you’re completely healthy, so, really, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying out Echinacea supplements to see whether or not they work for you. But the worst that could happen to you is that it doesn’t have any effect on you. But, best-case scenario, you just might find yourself avoiding a cold or kicking one before it gets really bad.